Contre Jour

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Contre Jour brings its player to a new and attractive world given shape by the interplay of darkness and light – talk about drawing a thin line between interactive art and games. The player is required to use their finger to change the landscape and make sure they get Petit (the mysterious creature) to safety. Swipe, tap and pull objects such as tendrils, pulleys and air geysers to successfully complete challenging puzzles. The soundtrack composed by David Ari Leon, sets a game mood that is both bedeviling and delightful to the player from beginning to the end.

The game has 100 levels contained in 5 chapters and about 300 collectable lights. The facts that the user can use the extremely intuitive game controls to change the game’s environment makes it stick up from other puzzle games. There are 12 various interactive elements in the game that the player has to master – such as blowers, slingshots, tentacles, portals and more. The game is available on Google Store.

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