Count on Me

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Count on on me is an excellent puzzle in all aspects. To start with, it is beautifully constructed of two, light and dark, exotic hardwoods. Then, it comes in a two piece wooden box, which makes for great storage or travel, thus ensuring the pieces don’t get lost. The box also acts as a tray to fit the pieces in. The pieces consist of 10 numbers from 0 to 9. Although the pieces are not interlocking as with a typical jigsaw puzzle; they must fit together, leaving a grid of 20 small squares. The two colors are of no help in fitting the pieces in the tray; and to add to the challenge, the pieces can face in any direction, as well as upside down. It is not a puzzle that one is going to solve in a few minutes, and there is no particular trick or secret involved. A lot of trial and error and paying attention to shapes is the only road to success. It is a difficult and challenging puzzle and deserves a rating of above average to difficult. Remembering the order when completed is the only way that one can complete the puzzle on repeated attempts.
The puzzle comes with a printed solution that shows the pieces inserted in four stages, which can be considered as hints. I am not certain, but presume there is only one way all ten pieces can be placed in the tray. This well made puzzle is great for all ages and will give excellent service and entertainment.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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