CandyCanes Games offers you its latest installment of fun, lively puzzle games with Fling! Over one year of development was used to bring you 10,000 unique puzzles, assuring you that no two puzzles you will come across on this brain adventure will ever be quite the same. Like the childhood game of king of the mountain, push and fling your fur balls at one another and knock them off the edge until only one fur ball is left standing.

This adorable puzzle game allows you to play at your own pace and will automatically track your progress and stats, as well as score. If you happen to get stuck on a particular puzzle don’t stress, simply skip over it and return at a later date for a second try. Also new to Fling is the challenging Frenzy mode where you must keep the board from filling by flinging same-colored fur balls as quickly as possible.

The game is available on AmazonGoogle Play, and iTunes.


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