Panic Attack

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The Panic Attack is a very attractive entanglement puzzle. It is very sturdy and will withstand a lot of use. The metal is a heavy stainless steel wire and won’t bend unless an unusual, and unnecessary force, is applied, The gold ring that entwines the heart is made of strong nylon, and will also stand up to a lot of use. The only thing that could go wrong with this puzzle, would be if someone applied so much pressure to the cord that they were to break it; even then it could be mended with glue or heat.

As to difficulty, it is rated 8 on a scale of 6 out of 10;or in other words, Medium. Two steps and a little bit of movement will free the ring. Once you have solved this puzzle, you might try to do it blindfolded as a further challenge.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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