The Big Book of Brain Games

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The Big Book of Brain Games is sure to become one of the great puzzle books. I have been interested in puzzles for many years and have a collection of over 350 “puzzle books” I have no hesitation in ranking this book right up there with “Cyclopedia of Puzzles” by Sam Loyd, “The Moscow Puzzles” by Boris Kordemsky” and “536 Puzzles & Curious Problems” by H.E.Dudeney. Each in it’s own way; Loyd’s was an innovation and a classic in it’s time, Dudeney’s and Kordemsky’s were very traditional with great variety. Moscovich gives us a whole new approach in types of puzzles and a huge leap in the incorporation of art and graphics into the world of puzzles. The greatest puzzle of all to me is how this book could be produced and sold in the price range of a novel with no artwork, color or illustrations. On behalf of puzzle enthusiasts everywhere I would like to commend the author and publishers. Anyone who likes puzzles will love this book.

You can purchase this puzzle book at Puzzle Master.

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