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This is a very titillating puzzle. It’s actually quite small, and easily carried around in one’s pocket. It’s 1 3/4 X1 1/4 X 1 3/4 inches and is fairly heavy and sturdy, A pretty little puzzle in appearance and guaranteed to interest anyone who sees it laying around. Some puzzles require a lot of manipulation and sometimes quite a bit of remembering how to solve it. Some puzzles are very simple once you know how to solve them, but can be very challenging until you know its “secret”.This is definitely one of those types. I love the name “Alcatraz” given to this puzzle, and it sure looks like the steel ball is well locked behind bars. When I look at this puzzle, I am reminded of the famous, or infamous gangster, Al Capone, who resided in Alcatraz prison for a while, by the way they “got him” not for being a gangster, but for tax evasion. Then there’s the other famous character who spent time there, Robert Shroud,well known as “The Birdman of Alcatraz”.As a bit of trivia, Srroud got life for murder. He spent years in prison studying diseases in birds, wrote many articles for magazines and journals. He produced a definitive book on treating bird diseases. In spite of the name he is known by, he did all this not while in Alcatraz, but in Leavenworth Prison in Kansas. He was, however moved to Alcatraz in his final years, but was not allowed to continue with his research there. He probably should have been called “The Birdman Of Leavenworth”,but “Alcatraz sounded better. So, there’s some history; if you can’t help the inmate escape; try You Tube for a clue.

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