Cast Devil – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle

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Cast Devil is an excellent puzzle. It has been made by many companies and is still one of the most common puzzles around. To be blunt, it is a classic. It has a difficulty of 4 out of 10.It is made of heavy metal, so it is almost impossible to break. It is a puzzle that most people could solve with a little perseverance. It is a puzzle that will get passed around when a few friends are socializing. It looks much simpler than it is, and since it doesn’t look intimidating, once one person solves it, someone else will be anxious to try.

The thing I like about this puzzle is that even if you have solved it; put it away for a while; then later on, get it out and it is still a challenge to resolve it. Some puzzles, like this one, are difficult to take apart. However; this one can be put back together almost instantly. Highly recommended for anyone who likes puzzles or a challenge of any kind.

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