Continuity 2: The Continuation by Ragtime Games LLC


Each level of this second installment to Continuity, the game board is drawn as sliding tiles. You must solve the puzzle by rearranging the sliding tiles to allow your character access to the next level. Each level increases in difficulty but it is challenging in a good way, meant to challenge your mind. The masterfully designed game-play will keep you busy for hours with simple but fresh graphics, a truly innovative puzzle game.

The original in this sequel, continuity won the Best Student Game award in 2012, and the series is considered to be one of the best platforms designed by students in a long time. In addition to great individual play, Continuity 2 is built on a universal application complete with Game Center achievements. Designers also added 50 brand new levels to increase the “fun”, guaranteed to keep your attention.

The game is available on Google Play, iTunes and Amazon.




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