Cut the Rope: Time Travel by Zeptolab UK Limited



The adorable and playful new brain game, Cut the Rope, offers a slew of friendly yet hungry monsters to feed, and many challenging puzzles to solve as you travel through time with the lovable creature Om Nom. This is an incredible new challenge game full of candy eating monsters, time-travel and tons of physics-based action sure to keep you busy for hours on end.

You and Om Nom will work your way through six areas including the middle-ages, renaissance, a pirate ship, Ancient Egypt and Greece and even the Stone Age. With so many puzzles to solve and Om Nom long past relatives to feed, this game is so addictive it will surely have you up all night playing. The crisp clean graphics and fun musical score make this a delight for all ages to play, with no boredom.

The game can be found on AmazonGoogle Play and iTunes.


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