Hanayama Level 1 Cast Puzzles – Bike

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This Hamayama Bike is an excellent puzzle and though given a difficulty level of 1;it is still a good challenge for young as well as older puzzle enthusiasts. I have no idea why my quote from Dr. King’s famous “I have a Dream ” speech came to mind. Maybe the solution to the problems he and his people faced, were filled with twists and turns, advances and setbacks, success and failure; could only be resolved with persistence. Likewise with this puzzle. As with most of life’s puzzles and brainteasers; solutions are often more difficult than they first appear but one must not give up. The challenge with this puzzle is to “free” the ring.

This puzzle, like the many others offered by Hanayama; are very well constructed and will challenge and entertain people of all ages and puzzle solving abilities. Like many brainteasers, the fun and value of a brainteaser is not gone once it is solved. Try seeing how fast you can solve it. Then, for a further challenge, see if you can solve it without looking at it.

I would like to give one small warning with this puzzle. There are only 2 pieces to this puzzle. First, there is the bike itself; and then there is the tiny ring that is to be removed. Being so small, it can easily be lost, especially if it is misplaced after removal; or dropped unexpectedly when nearing completion.

This puzzle is an excellent choice, since the way to solve it is readily understood, and all it takes is patience and perseverance.

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