Twisted Gem

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The Twisted Gem is similar to a Soma Cube, and has 3 X 3 X 3 or 27 cubes The cubes are connected together in 7 configurations.
.This puzzle is like a Soma Cube that has been misshapen or twisted or skewed. Like the Soma Cube, there are 7 configurations consisting of 6 which have 4 blocks and 1 with 3 blocks; same as with Soma, but skewed.
This Twisted Gem is exceptionally well made, using high grade wood and 3 attractive colors. The 8 metal posts are solely there to form a crib to hold the pieces, and have nothing to do with solving the puzzle, nor do they move. Although, not shown here, the packaging that comes with this puzzle is superb.
I researched the net under Soma Cube, and found that there are 240 different ways that the 7 pieces can be put together to make the 3 X3 X 3 cube, plus there are many other “figures” that can also be made. However, this is where the big difference comes in. The skewing dramatically reduces the way they can be put together. Without checking this out on the net; you’ll miss out on what a great puzzle this really is. Look under Mathematische Basteleiem and Soma Schrag.
This puzzle will provide lots of entertainment and challenge, whether you are a novice or avid puzzle lover. Many mechanical puzzles tend to be very intimidating; but this is a beautiful puzzle in appearance and fun to play with.
Is this all confusing or puzzling?
All I can say is; if you like puzzles; you’ll love this “gem”.

You can purchase the Twisted Gem or the Soma Cube and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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