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Xploding Puzzle comes from http://www.plungeinteractive.com/news.php.  The object is to eliminate all the squares.  Tap on a red square – which is always numbered with a  1, and it will explode and then send red missiles in each direction.  The blue squares need to be hit twice.  Other squares need to be hit 3 times.

Last year I saw at least 3 or 4 of these types of puzzles. I believe that those grid sizes were all uniform: 7×9 maybe?  Xploding Puzzle: the grid configurations are more creative. And the red arrows that represent the missiles are nice.

There are some 35 free levels. I’ve solved all but 1.  After that, if you like this chain-reaction type puzzle, you can buy more.


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Tom Cutrofello is the Mechanical Puzzle Correspondent for Games Magazine. He is also the author of 2 puzzles books: Lab Mice Puzzles Volume 1 and Lab Mice Puzzles Volume 2

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