Brass Pyramid

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This little brainteaser is very eye catching and just about anyone will be tempted to solve it. At first glance, it is just a beautiful decorative sculpture to leave on a shelf to look at. Then when it is suggested that it is a puzzle to be taken apart; the fun begins. It is given a Difficulty of 6 out of 10;but personally I would rate it more as 5 out of 10 (the easiest rating).It is quite heavy, made of gold, plated alloy and feels solid. It consists of only 3 pieces and requires only two actions
to take apart. Some might suggest that it is too simple; but just remember, there’s nothing wrong with having a simple puzzle to give to a novice puzzler. The look that comes over someone who is new to puzzles, is worth it all, when they solve it. It comes with a solution, but it is hardly needed to take apart or to reassemble. The puzzle is made by Bits and Pieces, and was designed by Doug Engel. Sorry, but I am unable to tell you anything about him or what other puzzles he has invented.
Because of its beautiful appearance and weight, it would make a great paperweight and a good stocking filler or gift for someone who never dreamed they could solve a Brainteaser.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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