Butterfly 3D Stereogram

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A stereogram is a flat image that when viewed properly produces a magical 3D result.  Some people will tell you that they simply cannot see these kinds of images.  I recently had someone tell me that he has not been able to get these to work and he has been trying since the 1990s when Magic Eye started producing posters for sale in shopping malls.  The truth is that almost everyone can see them (if they try hard enough!).  An obvious exception would be someone who has a serious vision problem.

Stare at the following image created by Gary W. Priester and let your eyes relax while focusing on the pattern.  You might start to perceive some depth and if you are doing it correctly or have done this before, a hidden image of a butterfly will begin to emerge.

Butterfly Stereogram by Gary Priester

To view more stereograms or to learn how you can have a custom stereogram made with your own message or logo hidden in it, please visit eyeTricks 3D Stereograms.

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Brad Honeycutt is a web developer, author and optical illusion enthusiast. He is the co-author of The Art of the Illusion: Deceptions to Challenge the Eye and the Mind (July 2012) and author of Exceptional Eye Tricks (February 2013). He has also acted as creative advisor for several books published by two of the world's leading stereogram creators featuring their 3-D imagery. Brad currently operates www.anopticalillusion.com, a website updated with a new optical illusion each and every weekday. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University, where he graduated with high honor.

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