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There are a number of different versions of this toy, puzzle, game, pastime; or whatever you choose to call it. The number of reviewers who give them very high ratings far outstrip those who rate them lower; and the same goes for those who rated the reviews as helpful. There are several versions, but they are all essentially the same.
The Find It Games “Kids” version, in my estimation is super, for not only kids but also for all ages. The fact that all of the letters of the alphabet makes it even better, because even though it is fun to find the various objects, the alphabet opens up an unlimited number of games that can be played. All you have to do is use some imagination. Finding letters, leads into making words, and then all you have to do is to use a timer, and the competition with yourself, others or teams will provide lots of entertainment. If you play scrabble, or any of the many other gamers where one forms words from tiles, dice, or whatever; can readily see the possibilities with this version.
Find It can be played with by one person or others and will be enjoyed by all ages. Basically, there’s no limit to the enjoyment that will be obtained from this very well constructed and reasonably priced object.
It is great to simply leave around for anyone to pick up and immediately play with. Rules of play can be made up and therein lies its educational and creative possibilities.
I also noted that some other reviewers used their imagination and built their own games. The variety of objects readily available around the home or even school are endless, as are the types of containers available (though you should use plastic rather than glass),and while sand can be used as a filler, bulk food stores have all kinds of fillers. Of course, a little glue around the cover, will solve the problem with it opening and spilling. I have made several for others and noted that the heavier the objects are, the harder they are to uncover, as has been noted by others; the penny for example.

You can purchase this puzzle and at Puzzle Master.

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