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The Hercules is a top-notch puzzle. It is by Bits and Pieces and of very good quality. It is Made in China.. .The 5 same-shaped pieces are made of heavy, anodized aluminum and come in a black, painted wooden tray. It claims to have a Difficulty of 7 out of 10, and I agree, it is at least that hard. It is claimed here that there is only one solution, which is obviously the way it is when you get it and also shown on the enclosed solution. However, if you check out the Customer Reviews on Puzzle Master or Passion for Puzzles; one person claims to have found 8 solutions and another found 2. Personally, I have yet to find more than one.
As a bit of interest, I played with it outside the tray. When the pieces are put together and tightened up, it can be picked up with only two fingers. It looks very snug and looks like it would easily fit into the tray. But, alas! it won’t. This might be a good way to hand it to someone and ask them to put it in the tray.
The puzzle is 4.9 X 5.1 inches and weighs 10 ounces. It is of high quality and virtually indestructible. The puzzle was designed by a well known puzzle designer,  Jean Claude Constantin. His puzzles are exciting, beautifully made and stand out in the plethora of puzzles that are available to choose from. Check out his puzzles on the net. You will find hundreds of puzzles that you will really like; whether for yourself or a gift for someone who loves puzzles and would appreciate a really fine puzzle.
By the way, the idea of different colors for each piece, really adds to the beauty of the puzzle; but I fount it a lot easier in remembering the order of assembling it. After all; I simply remember Silver, Black, Blue, Gold and Red.
Oh, yeah; one other thing; I wonder why it is called Hercules.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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