Where’s my Perry?

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When it comes to puzzlers, Disney knows how to make them. Where’s my Perry is another physics based puzzle game from the developer after Where’s my Water. The player has to use water (in different forms, i.e. liquid, steam and ice) to solve very challenging puzzles. The game has spy themed graphics that are very vibrant, intuitive controls and lasers making it one of the best puzzle game with a spy theme.

The player is immersed in Agent P’s world. Agent P is a platypus (actually, he is a half aquatic sleuth) from Phineas and the game begins after he has just received a call to report to spy headquarters. He accidentally gets stuck in the transportation tubes and you have to make sure that you help him get to HQ.

Use the available tools (crazy-inators) such as cool-inator, heat-inator and celebrate-inator to help you solve the different puzzled in the game. Until now, there has never been a game that makes fluid physics fun like this one does. The games is available onĀ Google Store.

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