Cut The Rope



Cut The Rope is a puzzle game for both Android and iOS users. The premise of the game is Jon Om Nom (a cute little monster). At the beginning of the game, the monster arrives at the player’s doorstep wrapped in a box that has a “Feed with Candy” label on it. All the user has to do quench Jon Om Nom’s sweet tooth is to cut the rope and feed him candy; easier said than done since there are many obstacles and enemies that await you.

Some of the game’s main features include:

  • Several different ways to solve puzzles; choosing the quickest way to feed Om Nom will not give you many points – remember, “nothing comes easy” or should I say acquiring most points doesn’t  come easy.
  • Scoreloop support that comes integrated into the games allows users to unlock achievements by climbing the leader boards.
  • Using the touch Screen to pop bottles, cut ropes, and using other contractions to help you in your quest; interact with the puzzles.

You can get the game from the iTunes Store if you are an iPhone user or the Google App Store if you have an Android device. The game is also available on Amazon.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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