Hanayama Cage Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle

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Cast Cage is a medium difficulty puzzle. It is not particularly intimidating, and a puzzle others will want to “try”; especially if they’ve just seen someone else solve it. Like many puzzles of this type it is much more of a challenge to remove the star than to replace it. Obviously the star must be in the right position to get out and it will come out of only one opening. It is also obvious that it cannot exit via either hole in the ends of the cage. Other than that, you’re on your own.
The other two reviewers have made comments that this product is not as strong as most puzzles in the Hanayama series. They claim the cage is not made of cast metal. I can’t comment on that. The puzzle I have is made by another manufacturer, Noese,and is all cast metal and silver colored rather than bronze, and certainly heavy, and strong, as is usual with Hanayama.
It will stand up to lots of use and provide much entertainment without breaking. For an additional challenge, once you have solved this puzzle, is to attempt to do it blindfolded or without looking at it.

You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.
You can also find the solution for it on Puzzle Master.

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  1. Pcad November 6, 2013 at 09:43

    I’m not sure this is mentioned in the solution that’s available, but it’s possible to pass the star through any of the four openings. The opening vary in difficulty from easy to pretty difficult. Most of the reviews I’ve seen for this puzzle only mention a single solution, probably the easiest. I think this makes the cage a better, more interesting puzzle than most people think.

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