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The Playful Brain: The Surprising Science of How Puzzles Improve Your Mind (Hardcover)


I have been a fan of puzzles of many kinds for about 65 years; and have somewhere around 700 puzzle and Mathematical Recreation books in my library; along with hundreds of hand held or mechanical puzzles. I have no idea of how many hours I’ve spent enjoying puzzles, why I like them so much, or why I like some types of puzzles more than others. The Playful Brain is the first book I’ve come across that delves deeply into the various types of puzzles and the parts of the brain that become involved in solving [Read More...]

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Cast Elk – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle

cast elk

Cast Elk is an excellent and another classic puzzle. Hanayama claim they found it in a British flea market and that it was around at the end of the 19th century. At that time there was a huge popularity in puzzles of every description. It has been produced by many and of varying quality over the years. This one being of cast metal is excellent in quality and feel; though if Aunt Maybelle happens to sit on it, she may not be impressed, particularly if there is also a “Woopie Cushion” under the cushion. After solving it, try taking [Read More...]

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3x3x5 Cuboid Tutorial

This is a great solution from twistypuzzling. †He has a long series of solutions for twisty puzzles. †I have used a lot of his solutions to solve many puzzles and this one is another great solution that will help you through this difficult puzzle.

You can purchase the 3x3x5 Cuboid at Puzzle Master.

Thank you Twisty Puzzling for allowing us to use your videos. If you would like to see more of his videos, go to Twisty Puzzling`s Youtube Channel.

Copyright (c) 2013, Twisty Puzzling

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World of Goo by 2D Boy


The full version of this award winning game, World of Goo, has now arrived and will have you playing with goo in no time. Welcome to the beautiful world of the goo balls, a tasty little race that love to explore. There’s much to do in this game as each level offers more strange and beautiful areas with new creatures to discover. Drag and drop your new little goo friends to build items such as structures, bridges, cannon balls, zeppelins and of course giant tongues.

Each new goo species you uncover comes with their own special abilities which you [Read More...]

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Secrets of the Maze

secrets of the maze

Secrets of the Maze is a great book for anyone interested in mazes or puzzles of any kind. Mazes can be found throughout the numerous books on puzzles but also throughout the worlds of art, architecture, history and literature. This book covers a bit of everything from the history that shows mazes appear as far back as 3,600 BC. Itís likely that one would find them in any writings, drawings or art in any civilization, religions or structures from the days man first took a tool in his hand. They vary from the simplest [Read More...]

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Read about this young puzzle genius Very interesting young man who’s only 19. Play his game! About a year ago – maybe it was 2 years ago – somebody ripped him off and published an iphone game called Deadlocked. Damn good game. Short, brilliant, and fun. What more could you ask for.

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