Secrets of the Maze

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Secrets of the Maze is a great book for anyone interested in mazes or puzzles of any kind. Mazes can be found throughout the numerous books on puzzles but also throughout the worlds of art, architecture, history and literature. This book covers a bit of everything from the history that shows mazes appear as far back as 3,600 BC. It’s likely that one would find them in any writings, drawings or art in any civilization, religions or structures from the days man first took a tool in his hand. They vary from the simplest to the most complicated and elaborate. Some are as small as a thumbnail while some are acres in size. This book is filled with beautiful photographs of some of the world’s most famous mazes as well as drawings of them to solve. The solutions are also included. Another very good feature of the book is that they have come up with a way to ‘do’ these mazes over and over again. Even if one is not inclined to solve all these maze; it is still an excellent book to read and enjoy the beauty that has been created in this art form. In addition to the contents of the book, it’s physical construction has been well thought out and executed.
A first class book in every way.

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