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The denizens of Titan, which is Saturn’s moon, were a lived peacefully in homes made of straw huts – that is until the “space tourists” (humans) crashed through their planet’s rings, causing flaming asteroids to crash down on their homes. Now, all the Titans have created a humongous water cannon that they want you to man, in order to stop the spreading fire from consuming their homes.

The player adjusts the angle of a water cannon that is mounted on a crane in order to moves obstacles, fight fire, activate traps and spin wheels. There is no need to go crazy throwing unnecessarily; REMEMBER, the less water you use to accomplish the task the more drops you get. Sprinkle has 72 levels that keep you immersed in the game play.ss

With all these features and story line, one can understand why the game won the Best Casual Game award at the International Mobile Gaming Awards last year.

The game is available on Google Store

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