The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions Paperback

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The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions is another excellent book of Optical Illusions by a most prolific author of Optical Illusions. If you enjoy these Tromp L’Oeil’s, Impossible Figures, Hidden Pictures ,Topsy-Turvy, Imponderables, or whatever you wish to call then; you’ll find this an impressive collection of 355 of them .They are very well printed, mostly in color, except some of the very old ones or those better done in B&W. It is a fairly large book and the illusions are printed one per page. There are captions on each, but only enough to give a title or instructions on how to make the illusion “come into being”. Some books of illusions go into considerable detail on how and why the mind and the eye work to create the illusion; but not this one.
If this is the first book of illusions you get, you’ll be very happy with it. However, there are many books of Optical Illusions, published over the years, with the illusions created by many different Artists. So, if you have seen much in the way of these illusions, don’t be surprised if you have already seen many, or adaptation of many before. I have quite a few of these books in my collection. Some are by a single artist, such as M.C.Escher, while others are illusions by several well-known artists.
One shortcoming of this collection is that it does not give credit or identify the artists whose works these are, nor when they first appeared. This surprises me, as most books such as this give these details.
I have other books by this same author such as “The Great Book Of Optical Illusions” which I reviewed on January 1,2012,”Masters of Deceptions” reviewed on November 30,2004,and “Incredible Visual Illusions”, reviewed on December 5,2010.You may wish to check out these reviews as well as those of other Reviewers.
These are all excellent books, however, there is quite a bit of repetition amongst these books as well as those by other authors.


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