World of Goo by 2D Boy




The full version of this award winning game, World of Goo, has now arrived and will have you playing with goo in no time. Welcome to the beautiful world of the goo balls, a tasty little race that love to explore. There’s much to do in this game as each level offers more strange and beautiful areas with new creatures to discover. Drag and drop your new little goo friends to build items such as structures, bridges, cannon balls, zeppelins and of course giant tongues.

Each new goo species you uncover comes with their own special abilities which you can use collaboratively to complete puzzles. There are so many tales to be told and adventures to have in love, conspiracy, beauty, electric power and even the third dimension. In addition to single play, you can join the millions of other goo players around the world collaborate to complete puzzles online.

The game can be bought from Google PlayiTunes, and Amazon.

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