ZooKeeper DX



ZooKeeper is a puzzle game that involves collecting animals. The game is developed by Kiteretsu don’t worry about how to pronounce it, it is a Japanese Company. The main objective of the game is the player (the zookeeper) to collect a certain number of different types of animals within a specified time. Once this objective is met, the level ends and another begins with a higher number of each type of animal to be collected. This twist makes the game a lot more fun and intense. If you have never tried the game you might be tempted to say. Well, that does not seem like a hard thing to do. Wait till you play the game, and you are frantically looking at the board and the time is running out and you have one more panda to collected to complete a level.

Playing Zookeeper DX always leaves the player with a nice and unique feeling. The game is available on iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store.

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