Cyclone Puzzle

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This ball might not suggest that it is a puzzle unless someone told you it was. It claims to be fairly difficult at 8 out of 10.
 Cyclone Puzzle consists of 30, identically shaped pieces. Each piece has 2 straight sides and 2 curved sides, opposite to one another, On each corner is a “hook”. The pieces are made of thin, fairly flexible plastic. It is simple to take apart, starting at any point where the pieces are “hooked” together. Putting it together is a little harder, but it is quite obvious once you get started. There is really no secret, it simply takes a little patience. This one has half red and half black pieces. Depending on how one chooses the colors when assembling it, will determine the pattern of the completed ball.
Since the pieces are all identically shaped, it would be simple to make this puzzle using one of the pieces as a pattern. The only challenge would be to find the material to work with.
As a matter of fact, I saw lamp shades being sold at an exhibition made of translucent plastic that were based on the same idea. They weren’t even sold as a puzzle but with the pieces all in an envelope and instruction on how to assemble.

You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.
You can also find the solution for it on Puzzle Master.

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