Family Games XS Head Stress Series Branch Out IQ Collection Puzzle

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The Branch Out Puzzle is a puzzle that actually looks a lot harder to solve than it really is. However; that all depends on how you start. If it is assembled as shown, and you look at it for a bit before taking it apart, to which there is no difficulty at all; then it isn’t too difficult in putting it together again. However, if someone were to disassemble it and hand it to you in pieces, and tells you to assemble the pieces into something, the results would be something else. It seems to me that it is unlikely you would come up with the original structure.
It might be fairer to briefly show it assembled, then take it apart, and have them assemble it.
It’s an excellent puzzle and will entertain young and old alike.

You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.
You can also find the solution for it on Puzzle Master.

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