Lair Quest

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Lair Quest brings together match-3 strategy games and fantasy RPGs, dropping you into a world where you are the hero. To save your town, you must brave the Dragon’s Lair and defeat the beasts using a combination of strategy and skill. You must carve a path through matching tiles while fighting off the enemy and building up your defenses. With each victory, your journey becomes increasingly difficult as you battle more and more powerful dragons. Each move you make is a constant struggle, your life depending on your strategy. If you fail, you will quickly fall prey to the dragons.

The game is bursting with content, including upgradeable powers, RPG-scale boss fights, additional levels to unlock and much more. Lair Quest allows for your imagination to go wild and employ any strategy you see fit. By using your freedom and creativity, you can ensure that each time you play will be a whole new experience. Fans of the popular games Dungeon Raid and Puzzle Quest are sure to enjoy this great adventure! Game available on Google Play.

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