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Everyone has seen those small round puzzles, with 3 small BB sized balls that roll around. The object is to put them in 3 small holes, like the eyes and mouth in a clown’s face. A little larger version might have 8 or 10 balls and holes.
Well, what we have here is a similar Dexterity Puzzle, but on “Steroids”.
Mega Maze is a heavy plastic box or case with 22 large and 62 small metal balls and 62 small holes.54 of these small holes are inside the circles and 8 are outside. To complicate things there are 18 interlocking circles, each with 6 openings. All but 4 of the large balls are “trapped” in a circle and interfere when you try to get the small balls in holes.18 of the large balls can’t get out of their circles, but the small balls can go anywhere. There are no secrets as far as I can tell, but determination, patience and perseverance, and plenty of it, is what it takes to get all the balls in a hole.
The puzzle is well made. I have seen this identical puzzle with the name Loncraine Broxton. .I don’t know if they and Lagoon Group are the same or not.
This is an excellent, but difficult puzzle; but it will give lots of challenge and entertainment and even satisfaction when you get all the balls in place. This is definitely not a puzzle that someone is going to solve in a few minutes and put aside.
As to difficulty, it is at least a 7 or maybe an 8 or 9 out of 10.

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