The Great Book of Math Teasers Paperback

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The Great Book of Math Teaser is a good little book of puzzles. However, the title is somewhat misleading. It is hardly “Great”. It has only 96 pages and there are only 81 puzzles in the book and not all the puzzles involve math, in fact some are what you would call magic tricks, screw or cog puzzles, river crossing problems, dice puzzles, matchstick puzzles etc. In other words a good variety of puzzles. However, they are all mind teasers of one type or another; and will entertain and challenge anyone who likes puzzles. Generally speaking this collection of puzzles contains many common or classic puzzles and is more suitable for a novice than an expert.
There is another caution, if you are thinking about getting this book. It has been published before and is exactly like one published by Sterling Publishing, in 1981 and was also published in hardcover with a title of “Math Teasers: Mental Gymnastics” They are all identical in content and by the same author.
What we have here is by Scholastic who publishes a lot of books for youth and for schools.
The puzzles will definitely suit students and without doubt, many, if not most adults; except seasoned puzzle addicts.
So, my caution is that you may have seen many of these puzzles before or even seen a different publication of this book.

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