Art Of Optical Illusions

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Another wonderful work by Al Seckel and an appropriate companion to his other gem “Master’s of Detection”. See my review of it dated Dec 1, 2004.

This is a fine collection of 144 intriguing illusions. There are examples of a lot of different forms of illusions. I say a lot because there is one form which I like which is not included. That being “trompe-l’oeil” which is French for still-life deceptions, illusion, sham or camouflage. A well-known artist who excels at it is Bev Doolittle.

Al has included many of the classic illusions, of which 105 is an example from the puzzle master Sam Loyd, and crops up in many books.No.5 is really good being a combination of a photograph of a man holding an “impossible figure”.Nos.10 & 104 are similar, but 10 jumps out at me while 104 is something else! No.26 and 139 would have to be called “real illusions”.No.139 reminds me of an experience I had on the Marsh Boardwalk at Point Pelee National Park during spring bird migration. An American Bittern, which stands about 20 inches tall, was standing in the reeds about 30 feet from me in a similar pose; except the bill was pointed straight up. The bird held itself completely motionless while I pointed it out to quite a few people over a period of a half hour or so. Some had great difficulty in picking it out, even with binoculars. What a thrill it was for them when they finally “found it”.

A few are ageless ones namely, 14(which reminds me of another of a girl in a mirror), 77, 95,147 and 144; but always good to see again. No. 119 is a switch where you get to make and solve your own illusion or puzzle.

Kudos to Jerry, see review of Oct 23, 2000, who states:

“The mind is blind to what the eye can’t see”. Well said!

Anyway, a great treatment of illusions and sure to catch the interest of young and not so young, and all in between.

This book can be bought on Amazon.


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