Cast Box

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The Cast Box is a real hands on mechanical puzzle, dealing with a square or cube and a circle or ring. As with any of the 60 (to date) puzzles by Hanayama; they are beautifully constructed of heavy metal and will provide many years of challenge and enjoyment.
This one, has been given a difficulty of 2* out of 6*;but I would rate it a 3* or 4*.It is also a puzzle that, even once you have solved it, you can put it away for a while, then get it out, and it is still a challenge to solve again. The puzzle was designed by Akira Yuta from Japan. Like other puzzles from Hanayama, the solution is not provided with the puzzle. However; if you get stumped, you can always go to PuzzleMaster or YouTube to get some help. Don’t be surprised to find an 8 year old kid on YouTube showing you how to “do it”.  Then, put it away for a while, and later on get it out and prove to yourself that you are as smart as an 8 year old. That is, if you are. In the package you get with the puzzle, you’ll find an insert showing all of Hanayama’s 60 Cast Puzzles and the Difficulty Level of each puzzle. A great gift for anyone who likes puzzles or to leave around for people to amuse themselves. But don’t be surprised if it disappears.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.


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