Hanayama Cast Ring II Metal Puzzle

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Cast Ring Puzzles are puzzles that will try your patience. There are many of them, but in some ways they are all the same. Essentially, they are a ring to be worn on the finger that consists of several separate rings that disassemble and one must put or “weave” back together. Generally, they are small so that when assembled can be worn on one’s finger. They can come with several separate rings; and obviously the more rings, the more complicated and difficult. This particular one, has only 5 rings; but really different in that one center ring is fixed to “emblem”. It is very sturdy but much too large to fit or wear on a finger; unless one has massive fingers.
Puzzle rings are usually very simple to disassemble, as is the case with this one; but much more of a challenge to put together. Like another reviewer has said, you better keep the wires that come with it; as you will need them to hold it together.
Although it is well made and quite attractive; I don’t really recommend it if you want a puzzle that you or others will get much enjoyment in , once you have taken it apart and put it together once or twice.

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You can also find the solution for it on Puzzle Master.

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