Liquid 2

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Liquid 2 is basically a physics-based puzzle game. It offers mind boggling challenges where in the player must navigate a milky substance through mazes that is more complicated than an ear canal. The players will need to unlock three worlds. The players will need to unlock all levels in the first world in order to unlock the other levels in the second and third worlds.  The level of difficulty increases as you progress with the game levels for each world.

There can be different tasks per levels. The player needs to press either A or D in the keyboard in order to move through the maze and accomplish a particular task for each level. This online game board offers an easy navigation for players but your wits and skills will determine how much you can achieve for each task. The player must take note that he or she must not let any droplets to get behind. At the end of each level, the players will see how much stars they get based on their performance.

You can check out the website to learn more about Liquid 2. You can play this online and for free by visiting the nickelodeon addicting games site.

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