Magic 16 – 3D Magnetic Brain Teaser Puzzle

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Magic 16 is a marvelous puzzle for several reasons. First its shape and then the vibrant colors. That alone makes it “friendly” rather than “scary” for anyone first encountering. It comes with information and instructions. It comes all together, so one gets somewhat familiar with it by just looking at it and taking it apart. Even if one needs to turn to the instructions to put it together, the challenge remains too put it together later without the aid of the instructions. The pieces are made of heavy plastic and it has a ball made of metal that the pieces adhere to because each piece gases a magnet on its back. Another good feature is that the ball itself comes apart and the pieces and instructions can be kept inside. As the other reviewer commented, the colors of the pieces do not correspond with the pieces themselves. The color of the pieces has no relation to where they go, except that same colored pieces do not come into contact. As an aside, if all pieces were the same color, it would not be as attractive, but would be a little more difficult.

You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.
You can also find the solution for it on Puzzle Master.


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