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Rollin is an unlocking game that can be played in normal, challenge and super challenge mode. The players need to move the arrow keys and master controlling the arrow keys in order to excellently accomplish each level. In every game, the player automatically restarts his current game level when the wrong arrow key is clicked so carefulness is important.

At the end of the game, the players will see the result of their performance. Instead of getting three stars, there are three golden shapes which mean that the game is excellently played. As much as possible the puzzle solvers need to try their best not to take too many moves and retries of their current game level. This puzzle game is totally mind boggling because the level of difficulty increases as you continue to move on to the next level. The graphics in this game is neat and simple, the sound is great because it can help you realize whether you are on the right track or you did something wrong,

The Rollin game can help enhance focus, memory and strategy. It can definitely be a fun mind twisting game for all ages. Checkout and learn more about this addicting game.

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