Save the Dummy

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Save the Dummy is a fun game. The players will need to figure out excellent ways on how to save the dummy on the game. There can be different kinds of challenges on how to save the stick man dummy. Unlock all the levels in this game and you will surely have a great time challenging your wittiness. There can be many different strategies to apply in saving the dummy but there can only be one best solution and that is for you to find out.

The players will need to get the dummy out of the screen to complete the level. This game has a time pressure and the saving techniques will determine if the player will get three, two, one or zero stars for a particular level which makes it a lot more exciting. Only the red stuff can be removed by clicking them. Remember that the blue stuff is static and can’t be moved. The players can always restart the level to improve scores or stars. The players can also replay in order to study the strategies that have been applied in a particular level.

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