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Scribbles is a very interesting game with great sounds and graphics. The puzzle solver needs to draw lines in order to successfully put the scribbles inside the box. It is like the Scribbles need to be home and you need to draw a path that will make them reach their comfy jar.

There could be many different kinds of obstacles for each level. The player will need to smartly use his resources. The player can use a pencil, eraser and there is only limited ink to use for drawing lines. The puzzle solver needs to have more strategies than ink and that is the extra challenge. This game will train you to think carefully before drawing anything. It a physics game that you will absolutely love.

At the end of the game, the player will see how many stars he was able to achieve. The player can always retry the game level if he believes that he can do much better than his previous game performance. If you love challenging your mind then this could be a perfect game for you.

So whether you want to test your strategy skills and wit or you just simply wish to have fun, play Scribbles and you will absolutely enjoy to unlock all game levels. Visit to learn more about the game and where you can play it online for free.

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