Sherlock Ultra by Everett Kaser



For the ultimate in puzzle fun and mind bending challenges, pick up your digital application of Sherlock Ultra for even more player boards in this series of games by Everett Kaser. Within each unique puzzle you will be shown a series of common pictures such as houses, faces, animals, letters and even numbers in columns to the left of the screen. The computer will then randomize these pictures among different size boards. Each new board size offers more pictures that you must locate, increasing the difficulty of the puzzles. You will be given a series of logical clues to which you will use to locate each of the pictures on the game board. Each level is completed only after you have discovered the location of every picture. With 7500 new game boards this version offers hours of extended game play that will surely challenge your mind.

The game is available on Google PlayAmazon, and iTunes.


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