Zyl 2

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Young and adults can enjoy playing Zyl 2.  This puzzle game is highly addictive and the level of difficulty increases as you continue to reach the next level. This puzzle game offers challenging yet fun brain teasers. You will enjoy challenging your wits and increasing your love for puzzle games with Zyl 2.

The players need to click the ball with a perfect timing and the goal of the game is for the ball to cross the blue zone without touching the walls. The maze solver will need to drop a ball through a variety of tricky cylindrical mazes for all levels with rotating walls. Make sure that the walls won’t get the ball busted.

The graphics and sounds of this game are awesome. It is a game of strategy and you will surely love to play all levels. More so, the players can enhance their focus and alertness whenever they play this game. You will definitely stay awake with this kind of puzzle game. The puzzle mazes in this game won’t fail to continuously amuse and excite you.

This is a fascinating puzzle game that you can play on Nickelodeon addicting games website for free. You can check out www.addictinggames.com site where you can learn more about this wonderful maze game.

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