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15 Crystals Escape


15 Crystals Escape

Explore house, search for 15 hidden crystals… solve all puzzles to get necessary crystals and key, then escape from this place.

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Cut the Rope: Time Travel by Zeptolab UK Limited


The adorable and playful new brain game, Cut the Rope, offers a slew of friendly yet hungry monsters to feed, and many challenging puzzles to solve as you travel through time with the lovable creature Om Nom. This is an incredible new challenge game full of candy eating monsters, time-travel and tons of physics-based action sure to keep you busy for hours on end.

You and Om Nom will work your way through six areas including the middle-ages, renaissance, a pirate ship, Ancient Egypt and Greece and even the Stone Age. With so many puzzles to solve and Om [Read More...]

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Lock Puzzle

Lock Puzzle

Trick Lock†puzzles are so abundant and varied in their designs that it’s hard to keep up by just being aware of their existence, much else purchase all of them. I have several of these lock puzzles in my collection, and even though it’s lacking the presence of the fancier and more expensive designs, like the†Popplocks, I’m still proud to own a nice selection of them. I’ve recently added another interesting design to my Trick Lock collection, by†Vesa Timonen, the†Lock Puzzle†- Could have had a better name though. This would’ve been a brilliant puzzle if not by the [Read More...]

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Xploding Puzzle: free puzzle app


Xploding Puzzle comes from† The object is to eliminate all the squares.† Tap on a red square – which is always numbered with a† 1, and it will explode and then send red missiles in each direction.† The blue squares need to be hit twice.† Other squares need to be hit 3 times.

Last year I saw at least 3 or 4 of these types of puzzles. I believe that those grid sizes were all uniform: 7×9 maybe?† Xploding Puzzle: the grid configurations are more creative. And the red arrows that represent the missiles are nice.

There are some [Read More...]

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Getting Down to Business – An Ambiguous Optical Illusion

Getting Down to Business by Roger Shepard

In 1990, American psychologist Roger Shepard published a book entitled Mind Sights.† The book featured many different optical illusions as well as explanations of the illusions themselves.† Here is one of them.

For more optical illusions, please visit An Optical Illusion.

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This is a very titillating puzzle. Itís actually quite small, and easily carried around in one’s pocket. Itís 1 3/4 X1 1/4 X 1 3/4 inches and is fairly heavy and sturdy, A pretty little puzzle in appearance and guaranteed to interest anyone who sees it laying around. Some puzzles require a lot of manipulation and sometimes quite a bit of remembering how to solve it. Some puzzles are very simple once you know how to solve them, but can be very challenging until you know its “secret”.This is definitely one of those types. I love the name “Alcatraz” given [Read More...]

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Cross Cube Unboxing and Review

Cross Cube Unboxing and Review

Twisty Puzzling has got an unboxing and review of the Cross Cube.† The cube is quite different from other traditional cubes.† Mixing it up is easy but seeing the solution to it is quite tricky.

You can purchase the Cross Cube at Puzzle Master.

Thank you Twisty Puzzling for allowing us to use your videos.† If you would like to see more of his videos, go to Twisty Puzzling`s Youtube Channel.

Copyright (c) 2013, Twisty Puzzling

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