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The Jigsaw Puzzle: Piecing Together a History


Just when I least expected it, a new book on Jigsaw Puzzles appears. I already had a good book on the subject, “The One, the Only, The Original Jigsaw Puzzle Book” by Francene and Louis Sabin, 1977.It was and still is a very good book. While obviously, some of the same things are covered, there is still enough that i.e. different to make it worthwhile as a companion to this new jigsaw book. (See my review).In just about every aspect, this book gives a lot more. There are 16 color pages showing about 50 collectible jigsaws; no way could black [Read More...]

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Cubic Trisection

This puzzle was first shown to George Miller by Robert Reid, demonstrating all the different ways a cube could be trisected by three equal parts.  It’s quite an interesting puzzle and I’m sure it will stump a lot of people.

Thank you Oskar for allowing us to use your videos.  If you would like to see more of Oskar’s videos, go to Oskar’s Youtube Channel.

Copyright (c) 2013, M. Oskar van Deventer.

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Cast Box

cast box

The Cast Box is a real hands on mechanical puzzle, dealing with a square or cube and a circle or ring. As with any of the 60 (to date) puzzles by Hanayama; they are beautifully constructed of heavy metal and will provide many years of challenge and enjoyment. This one, has been given a difficulty of 2* out of 6*;but I would rate it a 3* or 4*.It is also a puzzle that, even once you have solved it, you can put it away for a while, then get it out, and it is still a challenge to solve [Read More...]

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How to Solve the Geranium Puzzle

I can hardly understand what to do on this puzzle.  I have tried variations of this and got no where.  This is a tough puzzle as far as I’m concerned.  I’m glad someone understands it.

You can purchase the Geranium at Puzzle Master.

Thank you Twisty Puzzling for allowing us to use your videos.  If you would like to see more of his videos, go to Twisty Puzzling`s Youtube Channel.

Copyright (c) 2013, Twisty Puzzling

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Liquid 2

Liquid 2 Level 1

Liquid 2 is basically a physics-based puzzle game. It offers mind boggling challenges where in the player must navigate a milky substance through mazes that is more complicated than an ear canal. The players will need to unlock three worlds. The players will need to unlock all levels in the first world in order to unlock the other levels in the second and third worlds.  The level of difficulty increases as you progress with the game levels for each world.

There can be different tasks per levels. The player needs to press either A or D [Read More...]

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Gear Shift

Gear Shift

Back in 2009, Oskar van Deventer was responsible for inventing a new type of puzzle that would forever change the landscape of Twisty Puzzles. This new and revolutionary type of puzzle featured gears instead of rotating faces and was simply called Gear Cube. Since then, we’ve seen a plethora of different Twisty Puzzles with gears being launched, some by Oskar himself, while others were designed by fans of the concept. Some of these even took the concept to the next level by making it much harder than the original. The Twisty Puzzle I have here today for review is another [Read More...]

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Sherlock Ultra by Everett Kaser


For the ultimate in puzzle fun and mind bending challenges, pick up your digital application of Sherlock Ultra for even more player boards in this series of games by Everett Kaser. Within each unique puzzle you will be shown a series of common pictures such as houses, faces, animals, letters and even numbers in columns to the left of the screen. The computer will then randomize these pictures among different size boards. Each new board size offers more pictures that you must locate, increasing the difficulty of the puzzles. You will be given a series of logical clues [Read More...]

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