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French Fries and LayerByLayer

French Fries and LayerByLayer

3D Printing has become a big hit with the puzzle community.  What could be better then having an idea for a puzzle and printing it out on your printer?  Here Oskar talks about his latest puzzles called French Fries and LayerByLayer, a 3D printing company.

You can get the 3D Printable version at LayerByLayer.

Thank you Oskar for allowing us to use your videos.  If you would like to see more of Oskar’s videos, go to Oskar’s Youtube Channel.

Copyright (c) 2013, M. Oskar van Deventer.

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CandyCanes Games offers you its latest installment of fun, lively puzzle games with Fling! Over one year of development was used to bring you 10,000 unique puzzles, assuring you that no two puzzles you will come across on this brain adventure will ever be quite the same. Like the childhood game of king of the mountain, push and fling your fur balls at one another and knock them off the edge until only one fur ball is left standing.

This adorable puzzle game allows you to play at your own pace and will automatically track your progress and stats, [Read More...]

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Numbers Labyrinth (Zahlenlabyrinth)

Numbers Labyrinth

Logika Spiele is a German company that specializes in original puzzle designs usually created with bright colorful plastic. I have a couple of their puzzles and I really liked to play with them. The first puzzle I played with was the Cuboid in Cuboid (reviewed here), and this time I decided to try the Numbers Labyrinth, which is a rather nice packing puzzle.

The puzzle comes in a nice handy cover very convenient to take it on your travels, sliding into place rather easily and this way protecting the pieces from falling. The frame is black and the [Read More...]

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Put The Dot: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad


Put the Dot is a puzzle app that I do not want to play. And yet, I’ve played it for a couple of hours.

The object is to put 1 dot on the board. It will explode, like a bomb from the old video game Missile Command. Whatever dots crash into it, will also explode.

I’ve gone through the first 68 or so levels.  Some levels are quite easy, others are super hard. Some levels require you to actually think.  On other levels, it’s mostly luck. Although, when you’re successful, you may convince yourself that it was all logic, when [Read More...]

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The “A” Puzzle

A Puzzle

The “A” Puzzle is a rather simple looking puzzle but is a bit trickier than it looks. I played with it for a while without removing the long handle from the “A”.   A second attempt took a little extra thought and maneuvering but it was then seen how it could come off. Like all wire puzzles, they seem impossible and only “brute Force” and bending the wire will accomplish solving it. Such force, is not needed and using it will only destroy the puzzle. This puzzle is quite popular and has been around for many [Read More...]

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Professor Pyraminx Solution

Professor Pyraminx Solution

In today’s post we will be highlighting a video done by Twisty Puzzling which is a solution to the Professor Pyraminx.  This is a two part solution.  His solutions are always very well done and will definitely help you to solve this hard puzzle.  There is a reason why Puzzle Master has rated it a 10/10 for difficulty.  This video will also be posted in the Video Solutions section of the site.



You can purchase the Professor Pyraminx at [Read More...]

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Monsters Ate My Condo by Adult Swim Games


Many are familiar with the popular series of adult cartoons “Adult Swim” on Cartoon Network late nights, so this game is defiantly a must-download for die hard fans of the shows. Recently added to the top five games of the year by Gamastrua, Monster Ate my Condo, you will be in awe because of this challenging yet humorous game.

Four wicked monsters are on the loose, feeding on high-rise buildings across the city. It is up to you to stop these hunger monsters by using your swiping skills to quickly match up colored floors. The only way to save [Read More...]

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