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Bandage Cube

Bandage Cube

Can’t believe it’s over a year since I reviewed my last Twisty Puzzle. I guess I neglected this category a bit, and considering it all started with the one and only, the Rubik’s Cube, it definitely deserves a little more attention. Well, what better way to resume the Twisty reviews than a puzzle based on the Rubik’s Cube itself, Meffert’s 3x3x3 Bandage Cube.

The puzzle dates back from 1999, and while it’s produced by Meffert’s, I don’t have any information about its inventor. The mechanism is basically the same as the classic 3x3x3, but has a [Read More...]

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Luma Link: puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Luma Link

Luma Link is a series of 300 puzzles where the object is to slide the tiles around until the silver ball can go into the red hole. The silver ball can travel to an adjacent tile.


Tiles can move horizontally/vertically ONLY IF the selected tile has a matching colored tab with another tile on that same row/column. You’ll notice that some tiles have tabs only at 12 o’clock & 6 o’clock: they can only move up and down, never side to side.


I have done all the medium & hard levels.  The presentation is slick. This [Read More...]

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Exceptional Eye Tricks

Exceptional Eye Tricks by Brad Honeycutt

Earlier this month, my newest book entitled Exceptional Eye Tricks was released.  The book features nine chapters of different categories of optical illusions with additional information about the illusions located in the back.  One of these chapters is devoted to “motion illusions”.  These types of illusions are static but appear to be moving (as if they were animated).  As such, they tend to be very popular on the Internet.  While the effect is noticeably better when viewed on a computer monitor, they also work well in print.

The cover of this book features a great example of a motion illusion [Read More...]

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Wedding Vows

wedding vows

The Wedding Vows is a classic puzzle if there ever was one.  It was around when marriage was deemed to be a permanent union.  Nowadays,things have changed, and separations are much more common, and the parties go back to where they were.  This puzzle demonstrates this phenomen wery well.

All that aside; the Wedding Vows is a great puzzle that is very well made and will entertain puzzlers of all aqes and solving skills.  Though fairly difficult; once you get it figured out, the 2 rings can be joined together and separated [Read More...]

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Architecto Game


Although a bit expensive, Architecto is a great game and will provide years of entertainment. On the side of the box,it suggests the game is for 7+. I suggest kids even younger will love playing with it and making whatever they make with different shaped blocks. Then, there is the enjoyment that older youth and all adults will have trying to build the structures suggested in the book. Even when one has made all the structures,those with a creative mind will find there are many other structures that can be constructed. Although there are 18 “blocks”, not [Read More...]

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Mickey is another cute design by Jean Claude Constantin. This little puzzle looks harmless, but like all string puzzles it can become a knot fest in no time. Read further as I share with you my experience with this little devil.

Just like most puzzles by Constantin, the design is quite original. The metal frame, as the name suggests, resembles the shape of Disney’s character Mickey. The frame is comprised of two small loops perpendicular to each other, and a string with a bead at the end. The goal, as you might’ve already guessed, is to remove the [Read More...]

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Logi5Puzz: puzzle app for iphone ipad


Logi5Puzz is a free puzzle game app from Hui-Min Lu. It is simlar to sudoku and is essentially a Latin Square.  Each color region must have the #s 1-5.  Same for each row and column.

Logi5Puzz is not new, but it is fast and free.  Good for young puzzlers.

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