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The 15 Puzzle Book


Whenever you see Jerry Slocum and any of his associates,in this case Dic Sonneveld,involved in something; you can count on it being First Class.

This new book is simply delightful for any puzzle lover. They take one of the most common of all puzzles,The 15 Puzzle,and show that it has a background that arguably makes it the most popular puzzle craze of all time.

The book is a great read,filled with everything about the puzzle; from its creation,and how it took the whole world by storm. Much of what the book covers is unknown [Read More...]

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Yikerz is an amazing game conceived using the principles of magnets.As everyone knows two magnets will repel or attract depending on how they touch one another.  We also know that this principle is also demonstrated when they get close,even without touching,and depending on how “strong” the magnets are.  Also several magnets will stick together.

What this game does is use the properties of magnets to create an exciting game or challenge for one player or several. The thing that made a game like this really exciting was the super strength magnets that appeared about a decade or [Read More...]

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Paradigm Puzzles – Interlace Diamond

Paradigm Puzzles - Interlace Diamond

This is my third review for the Paradigm Puzzles collection, manufactured by Family Games America and designed by William Waite. The collection features six packing puzzles, each with a beautiful pattern and complex geometry.

This time I chose the Interlace Diamond, based on an Arabic pattern. The puzzle consists of 12 different laser-cut pieces that need to be packed inside the wooden frame. Actually, they don’t need to be packed, because the puzzle is shipped in its solved state. It’s not a major spoiler, though, because you can’t see the outline of each individual piece. It’s [Read More...]

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Gravox: puzzle game app for iphone, ipad


Gravox is a free puzzle game app.  The object is to manuever the white square to the red square,  which stays in place.

This is NOT a tilt maze.  Look at the image.  Notice that right edge is yellow? That’s where the gravity force is. Tap once and the bottom edge turns yellow and everything falls down.  Tap again and everything falls to the left.  And yes, tap again, and everything falls up.

Gravox has a lite version.  It consists of 5 puzzles – but you can play each of them with difference speeds or G Forces.

I have solved [Read More...]

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EZ Atom


EZ Atom by Doug Engel is a stunning looking puzzle, produced by PuzzleMaster in Canada. Doug is known for his elegant and exquisite puzzle designs, mostly in metal, as you can see here. I have a few of those in my collection.

The EZ Atom is comprised by three metal pieces coated in bronze, silver and gold, plus a blue marble, which is trapped in the middle. Looking like an impossible task at first, the object is to take all the pieces apart and free the marble.

The design principle reminds of Constantin’s Sputnik Ball, also [Read More...]

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Dodge Ball: Simple Fun Free Puzzle Game

Dodge ball

The title of this free puzzle game is Dodge Ball: Simple Fun Free Puzzle Game.  The object is to stay alive by avoiding the spiked twirling stars that come from the right  side of the screen.

This is NOT a tilt puzzle. You must drag the red circle around the screen.

You score points by staying alive. Right now I’m the high scorer with 2800 points.

The graphics are a bit boring. At the start of each game, while the spiked stars are hurtling toward you, and ad appears! Click to get rid of it before your man is impaled!

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Trick Bolt #1

Trick Bolt #1

The Trick Bolt Puzzle #1 from Puzzle Master is an excellent puzzle or brainteaser. It is very well made and is 3″ long and weighs 9.6 ounces. Made of some kind of solid metal and sort of gold or brown in color. It is the type of puzzle you can carry around in your pocket and bring out when with friends. The object seems and looks simple, as all one has to do is to remove the split ring or washer. The head of the bolt is solidly attached, so it is obvious that [Read More...]

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