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Arrow – Trinity


Start in the top left-hand corner and find a route to the bottom right-hand corner.†As with the other arrow mazes (see Arrow Mazes) you have to follow the direction of each arrow, but†there’s an additional rule that makes this maze considerably harder: you must choose three blue arrows, followed by three red arrows, followed again by three blue arrows, and so on until you reach the goal. Solution

Click here to display the solution to the Trinity maze after a one-minute delay:

Show solution.

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I know that I have played Bloxorz before and when Dublox said that it was like Bloxorz but better I was sceptical.† So I got the game and started to play it.† I don’t know about this game being any better then Bloxorz but it sure is just as much fun and ads a new challenge to the game.† I will have to say that the graphics are a lot more animated in Dublox then in Bloxorz.† I quite enjoyed that aspect of the game.† I like the music a bit better then Bloxorz.

I really can’t complain very much [Read More...]

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Cmetric Classic

Cmetrick Classic - Mixed (Showing all colors)

elogIQ is a company based in the USA and founded by mathematicians, educators and psychologists that work together to bring us original and creative brainteasers. Dror Rom, inventor of the Cmetrick Classic, which I’m reviewing today, patented his creation in 2004 and since then three other versions have been produced by elogIQ: the Cmetrick Classic Mini, the Cmetrick Too and the Cmetrick Too Hard.

The Cmetrick Classic is a sequential movement puzzle consisting of nine identical spheres arranged in a 3×3 frame, with each sphere having six different colors. The mechanism of the puzzle is [Read More...]

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Jelly Blocks: puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Jelly Blocks 0

Jelly Blocks comes from Michael Le.† It’s a bit like sokoban: move the objects so that all the blue squares connect. Then do the same for the other colors.


All the shapes move simultaneously, one step at a time.† The black shapes never move. The purple shapes have to be pushed by another piece.

There are 96 levels and most of them have multiple solutions.† That’s okay. Some of them will get you thinking.† I’ve solved all of them.† I’m hoping that Michael or another puzzle app designer will produce more levels.


Bottom Line: Jelly Blocks is a [Read More...]

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Lunatic Lock Puzzle

Lunatic Lock

This week I will be talking about the Lunatic Lock. This is my first trick lock. I had never heard of trick lock puzzles until I started my mechanical puzzle collection. In a nutshell, a trick lock is a type of puzzle where opening the lock doesnít solely occur through the placement and turning of a designated key or through dialing in the correct combination. In fact, the Lunatic Lock cannot be open with a key or combination method. All you have is the lock and what appears to be a bolt that can move [Read More...]

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8 Balken


In my latest PuzzleMaster shipment, half of the puzzles included were from Jean Claude Constantin – A real treat. As a result, you’re going to see plenty more reviews for his puzzles.

Today’s puzzle is the 8 Balken (German for bar), and as the name suggests it’s comprised by eight bars that have small discs attached to them. Each bar can have one, two or up to three discs attached. A small detail you should notice once you have disassembled the puzzle is that there are four different colored bars, and for each pair of bars the [Read More...]

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Cast Marble Puzzle

Cast Marble Puzzle

This week Iím doing a review on an awesome puzzle from the Cast series called Marble. I received this puzzle for review from the Canadian puzzle store called Puzzle Master. Thanks guys! Iíve been doing reviews on my Cast collection these last few weeks because they really are some of best puzzles that I own and frankly you canít beat the price. The objective of this puzzle is to dissemble the four pieces and then reassemble. The metal ball in the middle will actually roll while held in the puzzle which is pretty cool [Read More...]

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