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Twisted Gem

Twisted Gem

PuzzleMaster isn’t just a large mechanical puzzle retailer. They create and manufacture great puzzles as well, and the Twisted Gem is a very nice example of their superb craftsmanship.

Standing on a base with a smooth black finish and surrounded by eight metal sticks, the seven wooden pieces with contrasting colors complete what seems to look more like a trophy than an actual puzzle. Solving this apparently simple challenge will prove to be a more arduous task than you’d think.

The pieces are comprised of six tetrominoes and one tromino – I actually am not exactly sure [Read More...]

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Link Mazes – Solitaire


Here’s a link maze using playing cards instead of symbols. Start on the ace of spades in the top left-hand corner and find a route to the king of clubs in the bottom right-hand corner using a series of horizontal or vertical jumps.

You start by jumping to a card of the same number, then to a card of the same suit, and so on, alternating between matching numbers and matching suits.

For example, from the ace of spades on the starting square you can jump to the ace of hearts in the top row, or the ace of hearts in [Read More...]

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The name of the game is Cognitile.  The object of the game is to get from one side of the maze to the other.  There are many objects that will stand in your way but the catch is you will not see them when you need to.

You will be shown the path that you must walk through for 3 seconds.  Then you will have to rely on your memory to make your way through the maze.  there will be snakes and rocks and pits to keep from getting to your end goal.

This game gets trickier as [Read More...]

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