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If proof was needed that Jean Claude Constantin has the most varied puzzle ideas you ever saw from a single designer, then the Marguerite is the perfect example. It has such a simple concept it’s hard to believe why this hasn’t been designed before. The puzzle is very well made, from laser-cut wood and despite its large petal count, it’s actually pretty light. The reason is because the type of wood used for laser-cutting is much less dense than regular wood. Manipulating the puzzle feels effortless and natural, and the movement is smooth. The dimensions are actually about the same as [Read More...]

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MPuzzle Pro by Flogvit


When searching for your next puzzle digital application for Android, mpuzzle is the highest quality new game for your brain game pleasure. With over one million puzzle combinations boredom will be the least of your concerns with this download guaranteeing hours of fun and challenges for all levels of learners. Each puzzle varies in size and difficulty level and contains unique rules and hints to assist you with your next moves. Within this game you will find Sudoku challenges in normal, diagonal, irregular, Odd/Even and Greater/Lesser modes. Each Sudoku challenge comes with 4 size options and 8 levels of difficulty [Read More...]

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Glass Puzzle – Pudding


Two years ago I reviewed my first Glass Puzzle by Beverly Enterprises, the Rice Crackers. This is a unique collection of 8 puzzles with food as the main theme and were designed by the great mind of Nob Yoshigahara who, as many of you might know, designed many popular Cast Puzzles.

  My second Glass Puzzle is also one of the most striking in the collection, the Pudding. This puzzle is so well built that can make any mouth water. The design is flawless, and at a distance it could very well fool you for the real thing. Don’t go trying [Read More...]

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Forget Physics

forget physics

Forget Physics

All you need to reproduce a sample, making the chips fly observing a simple rule: a chip may fly only if it has one way to fly. Players should start chips flying to reproduce in a working area the same image they see in a sample area.

Chips may fly if and only if they are locked on three sides by other chips or boundaries. In this case they may move into the fourth (free) side.

A chip will fly until it hits on another chip. When the chip strikes another chip in which there is free space, [Read More...]

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The Great Book of Math Teasers Paperback


The Great Book of Math Teaser is a good little book of puzzles. However, the title is somewhat misleading. It is hardly “Great”. It has only 96 pages and there are only 81 puzzles in the book and not all the puzzles involve math, in fact some are what you would call magic tricks, screw or cog puzzles, river crossing problems, dice puzzles, matchstick puzzles etc. In other words a good variety of puzzles. However, they are all mind teasers of one type or another; and will entertain and challenge anyone who likes puzzles. Generally speaking this collection [Read More...]

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Gear Ball Unboxing


You can purchase a Gear Ball at Puzzle Master.

Thank you Kenneth for allowing us to use your videos. If you would like to see more of Kenneth’s videos, go to Kenneth’s Youtube Channel.

Copyright (c) 2013, Kenneth Brandon

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Mega Maze – Titan


Everyone has seen those small round puzzles, with 3 small BB sized balls that roll around. The object is to put them in 3 small holes, like the eyes and mouth in a clown’s face. A little larger version might have 8 or 10 balls and holes. Well, what we have here is a similar Dexterity Puzzle, but on “Steroids”. Mega Maze is a heavy plastic box or case with 22 large and 62 small metal balls and 62 small holes.54 of these small holes are inside the circles and 8 are outside. To complicate things [Read More...]

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