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Kakuro HD by Andrei Mankevich


The mathematician’s ultimate crossword, this application is great for anyone wishing to enhance your mathematical skills and is loved by math geeks around the digital world. You can often find versions of Kakuro puzzles featured anywhere that is published involving mathematics and often science. Each word in the crossword puzzle can only use numbers 1 though 9 and you must find each “word” using the clues listed either above or to the left of each piece of the puzzle. The goal is to complete all of the spaces on the grid so that the numbers you enter add up to [Read More...]

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Anyone that reads my blog frequently knows that I’m a big fan of Jean Claude Constantin‘s puzzles. However, he now has some competition for the title of prettiest puzzles, also from a manufacturer in Germany, called Siebenstein-Spiele. There’s actually a lot of great puzzles coming from there recently. The latest addition to my collection is Galileo, designed by Jürgen Reiche. It’s a small packing puzzle with only five pieces, but quite demanding. The design of the puzzle is reminiscent to some of Constantin’s best works, using different types of wood and adding [Read More...]

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Hanayama Cage Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle


Cast Cage is a medium difficulty puzzle. It is not particularly intimidating, and a puzzle others will want to “try”; especially if they’ve just seen someone else solve it. Like many puzzles of this type it is much more of a challenge to remove the star than to replace it. Obviously the star must be in the right position to get out and it will come out of only one opening. It is also obvious that it cannot exit via either hole in the ends of the cage. Other than that, you’re on your own. The other [Read More...]

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ZooKeeper DX


ZooKeeper is a puzzle game that involves collecting animals. The game is developed by Kiteretsu – don’t worry about how to pronounce it, it’s a Japanese Company. The main objective of the game is the player (the zookeeper) to collect a certain number of different types of animals within a specified time. Once this objective is met, the level ends and another begins with a higher number of each type of animal to be collected. This twist makes the game a lot more fun and intense. If you have never tried the game you might be tempted to say, “Well, [Read More...]

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Quell: Reflect


The next in this well-loved series from Fallen Tree games, Quell: reflect is the third installment in this trilogy of the mind puzzle games. If you enjoyed Quell, then Quell reflect is a must have addition to your digital game collection. The game puts your logical skills to the test. The excellent graphics offer you a world of Zen-like relaxation as soothing music and calming environments lower your stress level and challenge your mind.

Quell: reflect offers you over 80 levels of well-crafted puzzles that are sure to get your brain thinking laterally without the frustration. While game play [Read More...]

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The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions Paperback


The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions is another excellent book of Optical Illusions by a most prolific author of Optical Illusions. If you enjoy these Tromp L’Oeil’s, Impossible Figures, Hidden Pictures ,Topsy-Turvy, Imponderables, or whatever you wish to call then; you’ll find this an impressive collection of 355 of them .They are very well printed, mostly in color, except some of the very old ones or those better done in B&W. It is a fairly large book and the illusions are printed one per page. There are captions on each, but only [Read More...]

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Pillowed Hexaminx Unboxing & First Thoughts

My first impression of this cube is that my mind will not be able to comprehend what is happening when I try to solve it.  After watching this video I’m still under that same impression.  The Pillowed Hexaminx looks like a very exciting cube to try out and enjoy for a very long time.

You can purchase a Pillowed Hexaminx at Puzzle Master.

Thank you Kenneth for allowing us to use your videos. If you would like to see more of Kenneth’s videos, go to Kenneth’s Youtube Channel.

Copyright (c) 2013, [Read More...]

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