Cast Key – Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle

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Cast Key is another classic puzzle that has been around for over 100 years. It has been sold by many different manufacturers; and its longevity attests to its popularity. At first glance, it looks impossible to separate the two keys. There is one “key” to solving the puzzle, and once this is found a few more steps come quite easily.

It’s well made of cast metal, and will last and entertain for a long time. It is not intimidating, and once one person solves it, others will want to “give it a try”. It is medium in difficulty. Recommending it comes easily.

“There’s been an accident”,they said.
“Your servant’s cut in half,He’s dead!”
“Indeed!” said Mr Jones,”And please”,
“Send me the half that’s got my keys.”
…”Ruthless Rymes for Heartless Homes”
Harry Gordon (1874-1936)

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